They shall not grow old, as we are left to grow old

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning

We will remember them

We will remember them


Golden Wedding

I was asked to do a 50th vow renewal recently at the Royal Scot’s Club in Edinburgh, Scotland for a couple who had connections with this richly historic club.

Peter, the husband had a long line of family who had been part in the war and in the Royal Scot’s. He was so proud to tell me of this before his wife of 50 years joined us for their ceremony.  I spoke to Thomas who attended the ceremony and he told me of the work still going on to help men and women in need of support. My son in law Scott was also part of this historic regiment, as were many of his friend’s, a few of which never returned.

Apart from this day being a very special day for this couple,  it helped open my eyes to those the men and women, who through their bravery and commitment served the Royal Scot’s Regiment. It also made me think of the many regiments throughout Great Britain and of the battle’s that many had served in.


The Royal Scot’s history dates way back to 1693 when it was raised and has history way before this. It was said they were bodyguards to Pontius Pilate centuries ago and is one of the oldest regiments of the country.

Their patron HRH The Princess Anne, who is Colonel-in-Chief took up her role in 1983 on the 350th anniversary of the regiment at Holyrood Palace. She was appointed this day when the announcement was made by her mother the Queen at this event.

In 2006 The Royal Scot’s along with other well known regiments, including the Black Watch and the Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders were to become part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Princess Anne still has links with the Regiment through her role as Patron of The Royal Scots Regimental Association


Scottish Music

Well known Scottish Music connected to the Royal Scot’s include;

Scotland the Brave –

The Reel of the Royal Scot’s –

The Black Bear –


 In Honour

In honour and in the deepest respect for those who have been lost to war, I share this bog. For those who have had to pick up the pieces after these war’s and for those who still help many through their supportive role with The Royal Scots and other charities.

There are many, many folk out there getting on and feeling pride at helping people where they can in various roles with;

Combat Stress    –

Gulf Veterans –

The Royal British Legion-

Scottish Veterans Residences –

It felt fitting to share this video of Scottish soldiers who fought during World War Two. It has been taken from the Royal Scot’s Website and I share a quote;

“through their honesty, humanity, and humour these old Royals offer younger generations an insight into the experience of war that is vivid, sharp and unique” and “a beautifully sensitive film with no glorification of war”.



May we all remember those who have fought, suffered and been taken by war. I hope we continue to respect each and every one of them on Remembrance Sunday every year and on the 11th November and never become numb to this.

Let’s hope 11th November continue’s to be a reminder that war takes causalities and hero’s who never return.

This day reminds those who tell us they feel it serves no purpose, that this should and must continue. Some say it upsets them. Some are lost in social media and what can be an often unreal world far from those lost and who deserve our honour and respect. This is not a judgement but a thought.

My father’s birthday was on the 11th November. I always felt sad for him that his birthday was one he never really celebrated. It was always the reminder of the war and loss played a big part of his day. It ingrained in me though, to be respectful and take the time to pay respect from a young age.

I learnt of the Jewish Concentration Camps, and of the atrocities towards the Dutch during the war. I was taught of the hardship the Russian soldiers had in the bitter cold and so much more in History at school.

Our views will all vary, it is what make us unique. In my unique way I choose to honour all the many who have gone before us and suffer still at the hands of war.

May we all be thankful for the peace we have and may we respect each other enough to never let that change.

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