Eco and Green Weddings

An Eco Friendly Wedding day can be a fun, original, environmentally friendly way to organise your day. All your added extras from your wedding flowers, to name tags and tableware for your day can have the Eco green theme. If you check out the internet which is full of tips and suggestions you will soon be bursting with ideas!

Pop over to my Pinterest Page where I have a few green wedding ideas here you are welcome to have a look at –

I officiated a wedding recently in a beautiful spot on the shores of Loch Lomond. It was for a beautiful couple who are both real environmentalists and who walk their talk where they can. There day was amazing, simple and very beautiful.

The bride’s flowers were made of paper and looked completely beautiful. The great thing is they can be kept well after her day and will go back into the earth when they are ready to let them go! What’s not to love! I so recommend this company if you are thinking of paper flowers –

Paper Boat Originals

Find yourself a photographer who is able to capture the natural look you are aiming for and who can add to the magic of your day. Someone who creates pictures bringing nature in all it’s splendor to the day. I loved this very special lady and her amazing pictures!

Ideas and Tips

Having an outdoor wedding can really add to the atmosphere with recycled cardboard name tags, glass jars with soya candles, cardboard bunting. You could get family together to help create things for you. Maybe throw ideas around and table top creations could include wood creations and paper flowers handmade by family which can look very special.

A couple I know had an art competition and asked children from their local school to draw them a picture for the day. All the pictures were hung up at the reception and a prize was given for the best one.


Ideas and Suggestions

Maybe you could think of having a tree planted as a gift rather than all the many gifts you may end up with and have little use for as an option. I love this charity which go a long way to preserving our forests and woodland –

You can pay for a tree and have a certificate sent to you as a keepsake! You could pay for a tree for certain guests and present them with the certificate maybe?

Rather than buying your rings from a big chain of jewellers you could look for a ring in a small local place that has pre-loved rings for sale as another idea.

Some big charity shops sell totally stunning wedding and bridesmaids dresses which have been given to them by wedding dress suppliers or brides. The are all at huge mark down costs. I sent a couple off recently to a shop in Edinburgh after our meeting as they were so impressed at the thought of buying one from the charity and giving back somewhere!

Recycled paper wedding books can be bought at various sites and can be very unique and beautiful. Have a look here at these suggestions-

Maybe family could all bring food- shop local – use a local village hall or even your own back garden! Another popular idea is renting a big house for family to stay altogether before the day and after. I have a wedding this year in a stunning setting in the Borders.

These are all just suggestions and ones I hope can help you somewhere to make your day every bit as special as it should be!
If you need any more ideas and help you are welcome to contact me here –

Have a great time planning, organising and creating your wedding whichever way you choose to to do!