Funerals and Memorials 

A celebration of a life that loved one’s feel is right and appropriate for them or according to wishes a person has left behind.

In my role as a Celebrant and Deaconess I am there to support and help you arrange funerals for your loved ones. To work with you to bring together a service that speaks of the person who has died and capture who they were in life. Bringing together their unique signature, right and perfect for them and you as loved ones.

My role is to bring a service which is fitting, right and according to their beliefs, faiths or thoughts and respectful of their wishes and of their loved ones who are arranging their day

We are all unique souls


Thank you for your service – it would have been exactly what she wanted. M, East Lothian

You captured him perfectly- thank you – S, Edinburgh

Very happy we asked you to do the service – perfect. T, Edinburgh

I knew on the phone you were the perfect person for the day. E. East Lothian

Margery, thank you so much. You captured our dad perfectly. You are a special soul. Y, East Lothian

Just a wee note to say thank you again. You captured our mother perfectly. A lovely day. Carol. East Lothian.

 Celebrations of Life

It may be a simple woodland ceremony, a cremation service, or a graveside service. It can be held in a community hall or a back garden. Choices and options, we can all make.

I can bring together a non-religious service, or one where we may add a prayer or have a spiritual feel to the ceremony.

People may wish to hold a memorial service, and this can be arranged before, after burial or cremation or indeed instead. You are welcome to get in touch if you wish to know more on memorial services.

I have officiated at many services now in all these settings and have gained and in helping many families and folk bring together a service for someone.

We are all worthy of celebration in the way that is right for us.  

You are welcome to get in touch to have a free My Life Story Document sent out to complete to you gathering your story is down on paper, your way. An ideal opportunity to write your story as you would like it to be written.

Another service I can offer is as a Death Midwife and help at that precious time of transition and end of life. 

Taken over with grief I found it difficult to organise my mums service but can honestly say the support from Margery was so genuine. We wonder how someone can talk about your loved ones not knowing them but Margery took the time and captured my mums character. She also included my father who was unable to attend knowing he was watching. The script was unique and very fitting for my mum who would have loved the service and would be proud. My family and friends were so complimentary about the service given this difficult time and gave us something to remember and reflect upon. Can’t thank Margery enough .


“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.