Wedding Package

Your wedding package has to be perfect for you both. This can take some forward planning maybe making notes, having discussions and putting your thinking caps on to create the day that is right for you. Some couples just fly by the seat of their pants and have the perfect day, some plan every detail. We are all totally unique and what works for one does not have to work for another!

Some couples may prefer small intimate affairs while others have a big family get together. A few want a destination wedding or a ceremony at the edge of a Loch – ideas are created and dreams flow of what their perfect day involves.

Couples build on ideas of what they are looking for to bring their day together & which ties in with their budget. Venues are chosen and ticked off the list and then plans are set in motion.

Special Additions

The wedding dress is an important part for many brides. They then go on to choosing their bridesmaids dresses, who the flowers girls are if any. They decide on the theme maybe and colour scheme, all adding the finishing touches to make their day special.

A photographer is often recommended or chosen with care and attention. Their cake and its design is decided on, the wedding breakfast menu and drinks list. Wedding rings are picked and all the decorations and extra’s which are added to the day.

The Perfect Fit

Choosing the right person to hold your ceremony and to add to your day is just as important as all these other requirements. After all, you want your vows and story to be one you can look back on and remember with smiles and happiness.

There are a multitude of ways people want to celebrate and enjoy their day and giving you both your special touch and package, perfect for you is where my role comes in.

As a Celebrant & Deaconess I will sit with you both at our first meeting and we can get to know each other. You can let me know your plans, how you met and what your wishes are. This helps me build your story which then creates the perfect script for you both.

This first meeting will also give you a chance to see if you find I am the person who can make your day that bit more special.

Do I make you feel comfortable; do you feel you trust me to hold your ceremony? Did you leave feeling we got on well? These thoughts are important. Feeling comfortable with your Celebrant helps make your day so much easier.

Never accept a Celebrant unless you feel totally comfortable with them.

Who I Am!

I am told I smile a lot, have good sense of humour, can be very sensible when required and have been known to love seeing people happy! It brings the biggest smile to my face!

Reviews from weddings can be found on the website, on the Celebrant Directory and on the Facebook Page Eternal Soul Light. Having a look may help you make a choice.

What I can Bring!

I am fully insured, a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants who I trained with, and I am an Ordained Deaconess with the Holy Celtic Church International.  My background of hospitality and facilitating workshops, courses and training all add to the mix of experience in my role.

As a Deaconess I can perform your full wedding ceremony including signing your marriage schedule. All in a way that is right for you both as a couple, should this be non- religious, spiritual, non-religious,  or otherwise. We live in a diverse world where we can all embrace and value each other in our ways.

I am there to help you build on your theme and story. Your Uniqueness.

Every script I create is unique to the couple I work with and this for me and them is so important. Creating a script around them and who they are.


Our first meeting is a no obligation meeting. If , after the meeting, you decide you wish to continue and have me as part of your day’s celebration that will be awesome.

This first meeting can be at an arranged venue suitable for us all or can be by Skype or Facetime which some couples request.

Wedding Packages to Suit your Needs

Destination Weddings

Suited to a couple who may be coming from abroad or who have a short window of time to arrange their service. Maybe they have had a wedding abroad or are just looking for a celebrant wedding without legalities or  want to travel to Scotland for a ceremony. This package does not include any physical meetings and meetings are held via Skype or Face time. If you are both coming from abroad or from further afield in the UK, then this is the perfect option for you both.

This package is also perfect for people who are looking for an elopement ceremony.

A rehearsal can be arranged if required with additional costs. Travel outwith 50 mile radius may also add additional costs. Please just enquire.

Cost-  £450.00


Suitable for a couple who do not wish to have a rehearsal. A young bride told me she wanted it to just be as relaxed as possible for her and we finalised last minute arrangements by Skype and email.

This  includes two meetings at a suitable meeting place for us all [this includes the initial meeting] as well as all email, Skype and calls and any correspondence you as a couple feel you may need. I can also provide any extras including Handfasting ties, Quaich Cup or altar decorations on the day and shall liaise with your venue.

Travel outwith 50 mile radius may also add additional costs. Please just enquire.

Cost – £485.00

Scottish Thistle 

This includes a wedding rehearsal, two meetings before this at a suitable meeting place for us all and all email, Skype, calls & correspondence you as a couple feel you may need and all of the above.

Travel outwith 50 mile radius may also add additional costs. Please just enquire.

Cost- £525.00.

All wedding packages include all correspondence including documentation required, the writing of your script, all calls, Skype’s, all email, a script given to you both as a keepsake in scroll form or by email, and my commitment and time to make your day perfect.

All couples are sent a Wedding Planner Questionnaire which they are asked to complete. This helps me build a picture of who you are and what is perfect for you both on the day. I can help you both with this and with writing vows if you wanted them to be personnel to you both.

If you have any questions, ideas or thoughts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Your wedding and you as a couple are the centre of the day. Let’s make it your dream wedding and a day filled with special, special moments.