Sacred Gatherings and Retreats

Traditions and Gatherings are centuries old in Scotland and a rich part of our heritage. Honouring the land, place, time and beliefs.

Times of celebration in the Celtic calendar may be;

♥ Beltane – May 1st and carrying over summer

♥ Summer Solstice – 21st June, the longest day in the North and some may call this Litha

♥ Lughnasah – August 1st, giving thanks for the harvest as we reap this in before winter

♥ Yule – Winter Solstice on the 21st December celebrates all the magic of this time

♥ Imbolc – February 1st and also known in religious circles as Candlemas, a time when Brigid was celebrated in her many forms and still is.

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People have and still gather at Scared Sites, Sacred Wells and Sacred Spaces to celebrate each of the markings of the year in their own way with their own rituals.

People being together, celebrating, communicating, giving thanks for the Earth, seasons, ancestors and much more.

Our history is filled with stories and tales to tell.

Many couples still choose to be married, hold a baby blessing or a scattering a loved ones ashes holding these traditions, matching their beliefs. 

Ceremonies can be in a woodland, a beach, a standing stone circle, a sacred well, an ancient castle on a windswept shore – I am sure you are now getting the picture!

These are times to honour us as couple’s, parents, loved ones, group gatherings and all we mean to each other.

If you feel drawn to holding a ceremony or are looking to have a ceremony in an area you feel drawn to, you are very welcome to get in touch and I can help you with ideas, plans and preparation.

 Celtic Retreats

As a Spiritual Workshop Facilitator & Trainer I have held workshops, meditation circles, retreats and courses for years. People having time out, time in nature, gathering, relaxing and being with like-minded people.
Time out is good for the soul, as is ritual, giving thanks, blessings. These are all things we did in times past and we still do now in gatherings.

I have held retreats in many areas of Scotland for large and small groups from Kilmartin to Rosslyn and look forward to organising more in the future.

Taking that time out to nourish our soul.