Baby Blessing

Baby blessing has been something people have done for centuries throughout the world. All our cultures have their own special way of bringing a baby into the family fold. We gather a child into the family unit, giving them their identity and celebrate this in our many diverse and wonderful ways.

In our modern-day world here in the UK, many families have baby naming ceremonies, which are beautiful and popular. I love to conduct baby blessing ceremonies as do a few other Celebrants. Both ceremonies are alternatives to a Christening and Baptism which although used less over the years, are still very beautiful for those who wish this for their child.

I hold my whole world in my arms, every time I hold my baby. Bonnie Ann

Families are looking for the ceremony which speaks to them and how they want to celebrate their child. Just as we should.

Whatever way we choose to celebrate our child in all our diversity is right for the parents and there is no set way we should do this. Loving our children and celebrating them is the key element of holding any ceremony- isn’t it?


Traditions of Worldwide Cultures

Some of the traditions from cultures below may help you look at ideas you may have. They all hold sacred elements which bring together a special meaning for each culture.


In areas of Japan they have a Baby Blessing 30 days after a baby is born, calling it Omiya Mairi which means Temple Praying or Greeting. After the first seven days they dress their baby in white and have a quiet gathering. This is called Oshichiva and their child is often given a grandparent’s name in the ceremony. Their name is written in Japanese Calligraphy and kept in pride of place within the home.


After three days in this beautiful Kingdom, steeped in culture and tradition, the baby is named three days after birth by the local lama. They do not hold a surname and names are often unisex. As you can guess, many children in Bhutan have the same names!


In Buddhism the monks are invited into the home to bless the child using sacred chants and ceremony. Many parents have an astrological chart drawn up for the child which then determines the child’s name. A month later, the child is taken to the temple to be blessed in front of a statue of the Buddha.

Druid and Wicca

Closer to home the Wicca and Druid faiths hold a gathering, creating a ceremony which welcome the child into the five elements of the earth, and these are often held outside in woodland or countryside areas.

Here is the Western World we often decide on God Parents for our children and can have ceremonies which have all the family involved in whatever way is right for them.

East Lothian baby blessings ceremony with a celebrant

In the garden of humanity every baby is a fresh new flower. Debasish Mridha

There are a multitude of ways to celebrate our baby, or even children we have welcomed into the family who we may have adopted.

We can have family read poems, promises made to your child or people present your child with a gift and keepsake.

All those attending can offer something up for your child. It can be a relaxed affair or a big one, whichever the family feel is perfect for their wee bundle of joy.

You can have a theme, idea, plan which sets the scene with maybe Disney character’s or love hearts! People attending can dress up or dress down!

You can have quiet affairs at home, or large if you have the space, maybe hire a hall or book a local Hotel. You could choose to have an outdoor ceremony and it can be as formal or informal as you would like it to be.

Your precious bundle is so worth celebrating.

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