Having a Celebrant Service -Since the world of celebrancy was created it has grown in numbers and strength around the world and is gaining ground more and more as people are finding out about the role they play in a couple’s day. 

Here in Scotland, Celebrants can hold ceremonies for a couple after their legal part has taken place in a place of Register according to the law. Celebrants are in the process of campaigning to change the legalities in Scotland,Wales, N Ireland and England as they feel Celebrants should have the permission to carry out the full ceremony the same way a Registrar can and a few others including Humanist, Interfaith Ministry and Pagan. This is an ongoing process and gaining ground.

At around the same time I trained as a Celebrant I also completed my Deaconess training which means I can legally marry couples in a way that is right for them and according to their wishes. I support and help my fellow celebrants where I can in having the law changed to enable us all to have the same rights to marry couples.

Let me explain what I and many celebrants feel makes our service special.

We give a mass of options- it can be in your back garden, a sacred circle, a favourite woodland, a beach or a historic site [with permission], have a Celtic theme, a spiritual or very simple- your ceremony can be 30 minutes long if you wanted and include more than just you as a couple as part of the ceremony, it can have handfasting, jumping the broom, some religion, some spiritual, some as sacred as you feel you wish to share- the choices are exciting and can bring that special piece of magic you were looking for in your day.

Your marital ceremony is a very special and sacred part of your day and should encompass everything that speaks about you and who you both are as a couple and bring you memories to cherish. Individual to who you are and all you share as a couple. 

Your are both unique and that is so worth celebrating!

If you feel you want that extra special bit added to your day that speaks of you and who you both are then please feel free to get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you!

As a celebrant and Deaconess, I am also able to offer Vow Renewal Ceremonies, Baby Naming, House Blessings, Funeral Services and any other celebrations you feel you want to create and hold. Margery Bambrick